When I Write

When I write, I end my plight, there is no fight.

No strain or pain, I just write how I feel.

The release of thought onto my paper,

flowing from me to you. Sharing is caring

and daring to believe, that imagination,

comes to life from thought to words, onto my paper.

I give my words with love and care, choosing

what I create onto my paper. From

me, to you, I share what I write, onto

my paper. Sometimes I sing onto my

paper, or sometimes I cry onto my paper.

Happiness. Written onto my paper.

© Anna De-Snyder 2014

Hamlet’s Untold Love for Ophelia

Your love was magic but become tragic

Till death do us part, denied on my part.

Drove to despair by the incestuous pair,

Within my glare. I lost all sight of life

Instead fixed upon matters else where.

Haunted by ghost of a time gone past,

I forgot to remember thee instead.

My verse is my purse and so full of words

My words were unspoken never was said

But thought upon instead, with regretful

Relent of unspent, unrequited love.

Empty words, that are not said are like lead.

The unspent of unsaid have no value.

But value to treasure the words not lost

My words, I give to remember my love.

My Ophelia no more, by long dead gone.

To dream of you instead, sleep spoken word

To reverse the damage undone by me.

My memories, my thought, my words do hurt,

Woe betold I gave thee, undeniably.

Trapped in my world, my world of misery.

But you my fair dear, took me by surprise

Our lovers amuse has become my bruise,

Leaving it’s mark as a deep wounded scar.

We sailed, we failed sunken despair,

Beyond repair to my fair Ophelia,

But must remember to never forget.

Crushed roses scent withered away gone dead

Twisted bowels tear me knotted tied up.

Choked by hand tied lies within my eyes

Haunted by fathers ghost and now by you.

My soul aches, to see your face just one

More time, next to mine, to touch, to see.

This sorry state I hate this scorn of love.

Drowns me deep into the depths of despair,

Like a sea of turbulent troubles

With waves unable to reach the sea bed.

Bounded by love affairs of family ties,

I ponder, to wonder, searching this state

The king’s thorny crown did tickle my frown.

I thought like a fox with a force of an ox,

To capture with art his poison deceit.

To watch him squirming that slippery snake,

And unmask that face, of late I do hate

Deep in my thought a revenge well due,

With this pain in my vain adrenalin rush

Dead rotten corpses as needles do prick.

An empty remain of a skull that lingers

Appearing in sight to baffle my mind.

Does death serve as revenge or make escape?

Most vivid delusion with all confusions

This headfast brain does render me insane,

Like the nuts and bolts that keep me subdued

The clasp holds tight to the luna madness,

As cycles do run but have nowhere to go.

With thoughts running and racing with pacing

Back and forth to and fro around they go.

With all the truth out but no knowledge found

Like a mishap of fate, I know it’s too late

My thought, my being, constantly seeming.

Seems nothing is fair in hate, love or pain

And woe is me, to forget my love again.


Written February 2014 – My take on William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet.

Opportunity Knocks

In the midst of devastation caused by

oneself, turn it around. Face it head on

and make it better again, the only way

you know how. Do what is right, repair it

somehow. Viewing the opportunity

somehow, right now. That is the answer.

Right here, right now

Open the door and turn it around,

Walk through that door and don’t be afraid

Of what is to come, beyond the unknown.

Opportunities’ knock somehow, right now

You cannot see it, but will believe it

Somehow, right now, that is the answer.

Right here, right now

It all works out someday, somehow, right now.

Like a rainbow appears and has no end,

with its invisible, colourful glow.

Opportunity, keeping on knocking

be sure to answer that door, its knocking.

Somehow, right now, no need to worry

right here, right now


© Anna De-Snyder 2014

Traffic Lights

Red light, green light, amber light

All lights go.

Red light, stop light, warning light,

Be silent.

Green light, go light, bright light flow

free light go.

Amber light mid light, slow light

Let it go.

Red light, green light, amber light

All lights go.


© Anna De-Snyder 2014

Free Spirit

Inspiration is wisdom,

wisdom is nothing without

understanding. Understanding

is true beauty. I see beauty

everywhere. Call it wisdom,

call it true, call it beauty.

Spirit so true inside of you,

show me the way I follow.

I belong to you, you lead

my path, the path is straight

the journey is long and well lit.

Knowledge is wisdom but nothing

without understanding. Knowledge

has not fear nor teaches’ fear.

Fear is not true, we are free

to roam, to walk, whenever,

wherever, we want to be.

Catch my drift and watch me flow

maybe I’ll stay, maybe I won’t,

who knows. Only time can tell,

it is given eternally

true, and that time is only ever right now.

I am a free spirit I flow

© Anna De-Snyder 2014


Healing is free, happy is free,

healing spirit, healing delight.

Delight is free, daytime is free,

Sunshine delight, shining is free.

Freedom to choose, the choice is yours.

Yes, these are free. Yes, it is free.

Free for me, and yes it is free

for you too. You choose it inside

of you, your way.

I feel it’s true, inside of you,

you feel it near, the light is bright.

© Anna De-Snyder 2014

Liar, Liars

Liar, Liars, morning noon and night I see,

Speaking rubbish, spreading lies, about me.

Busy, busy, like a flea tryin’a

Stick to me, suck my blood and drain me out.

Liar, Liars,I laugh at ye

Coz ya’ll can’t touch me, coz i’m free

I choose to love ya’ll, as this is bliss to me.

Coz happy I am, thank God I’m free

Yeah i’ll sing my song, with my own verse

my own words, ‘nd ya’ll can’t copy me,

Cuz ya’ll can’t spk like me, or rep my line.

I can talk dat way, or talk the correct.

Liar, liars, ya’ll can’t see, dat both is me

Or speak like me. I speak how I speak ‘nd

I speak in truth. Speaking true to my line,

And true to my rhyme. Speaking any way

I like to choose.

I choose to shine

Ya’ll can mock at me, but I chose my way

I chose to shine

Yeah I rhyme to the line, yeah my word my line

Liar, liars, ya’ll can see dat i’ma like

Dat Wordsworth, Shelley, Blake and Byron too.

And dat Shakespeare’s rhyme do still chime,

Yeah dem men that got lied about too.

True to my line and true to my rhyme.

Coz I was born free and I’ll never forget

Where I came from, coz I ain’t like ye.


Inspired by Tinchy Stryder’s Catch 22 album.