Liar, Liars

Liar, Liars, morning noon and night I see,

Speaking rubbish, spreading lies, about me.

Busy, busy, like a flea tryin’a

Stick to me, suck my blood and drain me out.

Liar, Liars,I laugh at ye

Coz ya’ll can’t touch me, coz i’m free

I choose to love ya’ll, as this is bliss to me.

Coz happy I am, thank God I’m free

Yeah i’ll sing my song, with my own verse

my own words, ‘nd ya’ll can’t copy me,

Cuz ya’ll can’t spk like me, or rep my line.

I can talk dat way, or talk the correct.

Liar, liars, ya’ll can’t see, dat both is me

Or speak like me. I speak how I speak ‘nd

I speak in truth. Speaking true to my line,

And true to my rhyme. Speaking any way

I like to choose.

I choose to shine

Ya’ll can mock at me, but I chose my way

I chose to shine

Yeah I rhyme to the line, yeah my word my line

Liar, liars, ya’ll can see dat i’ma like

Dat Wordsworth, Shelley, Blake and Byron too.

And dat Shakespeare’s rhyme do still chime,

Yeah dem men that got lied about too.

True to my line and true to my rhyme.

Coz I was born free and I’ll never forget

Where I came from, coz I ain’t like ye.


Inspired by Tinchy Stryder’s Catch 22 album.

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