Opportunity Knocks

In the midst of devastation caused by

oneself, turn it around. Face it head on

and make it better again, the only way

you know how. Do what is right, repair it

somehow. Viewing the opportunity

somehow, right now. That is the answer.

Right here, right now

Open the door and turn it around,

Walk through that door and don’t be afraid

Of what is to come, beyond the unknown.

Opportunities’ knock somehow, right now

You cannot see it, but will believe it

Somehow, right now, that is the answer.

Right here, right now

It all works out someday, somehow, right now.

Like a rainbow appears and has no end,

with its invisible, colourful glow.

Opportunity, keeping on knocking

be sure to answer that door, its knocking.

Somehow, right now, no need to worry

right here, right now


© Anna De-Snyder 2014

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