The Simplicity of Life

The Simplicity of life, knows no rife.

The simple life is right now eternally.

The simple life holds no grudges or pain.

It flows and grows like the air that we breathe.

It never deceives, without any fear.

The simple life values forgiveness and

dissolves any anger held from within.

The simplicity of life, is kindness

and beauty creatively given,

expanding pure love universally.

© Anna De-Snyder 2014

Medicine Man

Doctor, doctor, medicine man, herbal man.

Not a witch but known as one wise man cure,

people feared him for no cause. Beautiful man.

The simplicity of life smiles so bright.

Children playing, singing songs happily.

A mothers’ loving tender touch, smiling

brightly, warming tender nights, starry bright.

Bringing water back to life, one warm night.

A love that makes no cold night, on any night.

Sharing, caring pure delight, no heavy

task nor price to pay, for peace was the day.

The rain fell hard beating fast pouring down.

No draught or dry patch found on any ground.

Gentle breezy, bright night. Tree whispers with

the breath of life, slowly softly tender night.

Leaves singing rustling, moving to their tune.

Providing shelter from the rain, catching

water from the sky, drinking, splashing bath.

Man caught beast for evening feast, food all night.

Children, shouting, singing, dancing, happy free

the children of Africa long ago.

© Anna De-Snyder 2014