The Simplicity of Life


The Simplicity of life, knows no rife.

The simple life is right now eternally.

The simple life holds no grudges or pain.

It flows and grows like the air that we breathe.

It never deceives, without any fear.

The simple life values forgiveness and

dissolves any anger held from within.

The simplicity of life, is kindness

and beauty creatively given,

expanding pure love universally.

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Forget Me

Forget me in the cold hard world

Forget me in the deep blue night

Forget me in the morning light

Forget me in the midst of life

Forget me when you dream of me

And when you think of me,

Forget me a thousand times over.

But then you remember, and I know

Because I feel it.


© Anna De-Snyder 2015


Praise him morning noon and night

praise him on a starry night

to all the world and heavens delight,

praise him morning noon and night.

I give my song with my praise

to praise you in my heart and soul

to praise you in my happy times,

and praise you in my troubled times.

I praise thee Lord with my mind

I felt you wash away my tears,

you gave me strength when I was

weak, when things looked bleak.

My words are not enough to praise you.

You most high, above all and all

you whom love all no matter what

even when we fall, you lift us up

with your eternal divine love.

Eternal living loving Lord.

Praise be to the Lord forever,


© Anna De-Snyder 2015

Shedding Burdens

Shedding Burdens and cutting ties

Set me free, set me free.

Take each layer and peel it back.

Feel it lift, getting lighter

No need to hold it or own it

Set me free, set me free

Unload the burdens, lighten the load

Sky is the limit to no limits

Peel away the old like a dead layer of skin.

Beneath the service under my skin

Cast off the old and embrace the unknown.

Walked in the darkness but moved into the light

Let go, let go, learn by mistakes

No thoughts of tomorrow

or of the days gone by

I’ve said my goodbyes

© Anna De-Snyder 2015