Happy 2022

A New Year, a new day, a new you

Time to start over, no time like the present

to begin a new chapter.

Turn the page, it’s a new day, time for reflection.

Release expectations or pressure.

Make an exception, for any time spent,

no time is wasted, only much lived.

Live to be alive and thrive,

live to love and love some more.

Live to give each other compassion,

make no exception, start with yourself.

Do it today without delay.

It’s time to start over.

Old skin is shed, renewed and healed.

You’ve come so far, be kind to yourself.

All moments are special,

whether they’re good or their bad.

Start that project you keep putting off

ignite those ideas you keep on having.

Believe in yourself

It’s okay to stop right here, and right now

and start over.


© Anna De Snyder 2022

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