Life is a gift

Life is precious.

Life is abundant,

continual growth.

Life has no limits

Life is for living.

Life is forgiving,

continual chances.

Life is a blessing

Life is a moment.

Life is eternal,

continual essence.

Life isn’t easy

shouldn’t be wasted.

Life has its setbacks,

Life has its joys;

wonder and awe.

Life can change,

all in an instant

appreciate it all.

© Anna De Snyder 2022

RIP Naithan

The thing I never said;

before you passed away.

Still can’t believe you’re gone.

Nor can I imagine,

your mother’s pain or despair.

A gentle soul you were,

I shrieked when they told me.

Genuine shock.

I couldn’t stand up.

You were a kind soul.

Still had your music in you.

You loved to party hard and be the last one standing.

 Made music when you were fourteen.

Always smiling, blending beats.

You loved to wander, roaming…

Taking off like a bird,

light in flight.

Disappeared for a long time.

I remember the day you met your father.

The bond you both shared, it was instant.

When you passed, the rain didn’t stop.

Even though it wasn’t raining.

I know you were tired.

You were a kind soul.

Why do we lie? and say we’re okay;

when we are not.

Would things be different? if we’d talked it through.

Drugs devastate, destroy people’s lives.

Your funeral choked me, literally.

With sadness and pain.

I know crying can’t bring you back.

Wish I could turn time.

Regret messes with the head.

Wish I’d told you, ‘I love you,’

when we’d last spoke.

My nearest and dearest,

spoke to you three days before.

You said, you was fine

but now I know you lied.

Services failed you.

No comment.

 You’re not a statistic.

A life lost young.

Suicide, one of lives ugly truths.

© Anna De Snyder 2022