By Anna De Snyder

“Our doubts are our traitors” ~ Shakespeare

Just being mindful of the way we think can make such a difference to our well being. One of the greatest obstacles to achieving what we set out to do, starts with how we think and how we view ourselves. Negative thinking can stem from feeling fearful and being fearful can hold you back and stop you from doing the things you truly want to do.

Next time you’re starting a new project or trying something new, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Be an active thinker, recognise doubts for what they are, and release them. This will allow you to push forward, freeing you from negativity in that moment.


Every action has a reaction 💜

Freedom, like the push and pull of the tide.

Give and take, make no mistake.

All in order, all in connection.

Whispers of the ocean breathing in and out like a

pulsing heart, gentle rhythmic motion, powerful.

Every breath connects to the next, like the sun rise and sun set.

Connect to the source of life to experience true freedom.

© Anna De Snyder 2022