Life is a gift

Life is precious.

Life is abundant,

continual growth.

Life has no limits

Life is for living.

Life is forgiving,

continual chances.

Life is a blessing

Life is a moment.

Life is eternal,

continual essence.

Life isn’t easy

shouldn’t be wasted.

Life has its setbacks,

Life has its joys;

wonder and awe.

Life can change,

all in an instant

appreciate it all.

© Anna De Snyder 2022


It’s the space between the thoughts.

The silence, beckons, a realm

beyond the material.

Peaceful, patiently waiting for

you to enter this quiet space.

Neither here or there, but present.

Awake, alive.

The space between the thoughts.

Be still and know.


© Anna De Snyder 2022


Forgiveness can stand the test of time

to make amends in truth, love and honesty.

I give you these naturally

sometimes you return in kindness

or choose to stay in the blindness.

Forgiveness sets you free to be who you are.

Forgiveness is not weak, it is strong

it is courageous far from outrageous.

Look within to find the realm of beyond

trust in yourself and believe in forgiveness

for it has the power to satisfy your spirit




Free Spirit

Inspiration is wisdom,

wisdom is nothing without

understanding. Understanding

is true beauty. I see beauty

everywhere. Call it wisdom,

call it true, call it beauty.

Spirit so true inside of you,

show me the way I follow.

I belong to you, you lead

my path, the path is straight

the journey is long and well lit.

Knowledge is wisdom but nothing

without understanding. Knowledge

has not fear nor teaches’ fear.

Fear is not true, we are free

to roam, to walk, whenever,

wherever, we want to be.

Catch my drift and watch me flow

maybe I’ll stay, maybe I won’t,

who knows. Only time can tell,

it is given eternally

true, and that time is only ever right now.

I am a free spirit I flow

© Anna De-Snyder 2014


Healing is free, happy is free,

healing spirit, healing delight.

Delight is free, daytime is free,

Sunshine delight, shining is free.

Freedom to choose, the choice is yours.

Yes, these are free. Yes, it is free.

Free for me, and yes it is free

for you too. You choose it inside

of you, your way.

I feel it’s true, inside of you,

you feel it near, the light is bright.

© Anna De-Snyder 2014